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Our Programs

Preschool Program:

Children are grouped into classes according to age:

  • One class of 14 two year old students, with a 7-1 child to teacher ratio, families have the option of choosing 2, 3, or a 5 day program. Morning, Full Time, or Extended Daycare hours are available. 

  • Two classes of 18 three year old students, with a 9-1 child to teacher ratio, families have the option of choosing 2, 3, or a 5 day program. Morning, Full Time, or Extended Daycare hours are available. 

  • One Pre-Kindergarten class of 24 4/5 year old students, with a 12-1 child to teacher ratio, the Pre-K program is the only one which requires a 5-day plan, in order to go through the curriculum for preparation for Kindergarten.


Each morning the children spend time exploring indoor and outdoor environments that promote creativity, activity, and relaxation which have been thoughtfully prepared for them. Equipment, materials and a variety of learning centers that foster strong social and emotional skills, develop small and large motor skills, and enrich cognitive skills are provided for daily.


Through these many activities and options our children are accepted right where they are and continue to grow and develop at their own pace in order to feel successful in all areas of their lives. We not only prepare children for kindergarten but we prepare them for life as well.  Sending off children who are happy, enthusiastic, and well balanced in all areas of development is our primary goal.


Extended Day (After School) Program:

An afternoon program is available Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m. Children gather with their lunch boxes from home in their classroom for a social time of eating family style with conversation and the opportunity to work on independence and social manners.


After lunch the children gather on the large carpet for naptime. The children are welcome to bring a stuffed animal as they rest their bodies after a busy morning. During rest time, soothing and calming music is played.


Once outside it is like the days of going out into your own backyard. Children are given the gift of freedom to play and engage in the variety of activities arranged for them from digging in the sand and using the hose, to making forts or playing with clay, riding bikes, building with blocks, climbing equipment, painting with all kinds of unique objects as well as pretending to be whatever their heart desires. They end the afternoon with games and stories before going home.

Outdoor Sports Program:

All of the children participate in a weekly physical education program. Each classroom spends 30 minutes with a teacher specially trained in preschool motor development and their classroom teachers for large motor development. Basic sports skills including warm-up exercises, ball skills, rhythm and balance as well as agility are focused on. The fee for this program is incorporated into the monthly tuition. During the year, parents are invited to come observe.



Once a week children attend a brief Chapel program with the director of the school. Children learn about how special they are to God no matter what. Larry and Sally our brother and sister puppets talk about friendship, kindness and our world. Simple songs and a family prayer conclude our time together. Chapel is at the end the morning so parents may join us if they like.


Christmas Chapel is a special time when the parents are invited to attend and hear the Christmas Story as well as hear their children sing the many songs they have so joyfully practiced for this special event.


Rise & Sing Music Program:

A music program is included in the monthly tuition. The children learn about music through songs, stories and the use of a variety of props, including instruments and movement scarves. This program enhances what the teachers do on a daily basis in the classroom.


Preschool Library:

The children visit the preschool library once a week. Parents are also welcome to check out children's books, parenting information and resources on different subjects.


Special Programs:

Specialized programs are on-going including visits from the Reptile Family, Cabrillo Marine Program including a puppet show and touch tank, Children's Concert, visits from the Fire Department and more. As well, there are pumpkin hunts and egg hunts in the garden.


Summer Program:

A two month summer program is held for children currently enrolled in the school with many fun activities including art, dramatic play, cooking, science and water play. Our summer camp also includes weekly themes, special guests, and a huge water slide and wading pools.



In order for children to feel comfortable participating in all the school activities involving sand, water, mud, paint, glue, movement education, and using the bathroom, play clothes with simple snaps, zippers and elastic is essential. Keeping clean is not a priority at St. George's Preschool- involvement is. We ask that children come in clothes that are suitable to their work; play and mess. Safety is a major priority. All clothing and footwear should be safe for running, riding, and climbing activities.

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